Studio E Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we sleep during the recordings?

You can’t sleep at the studio, however, there are tons of very cheap and nice flats in Mellrichstadt and around the city where you can stay during the recordings! Please make sure to book the flat at least two month in advance to the recordings! Check these


Usually it is enough if you bring along your instruments. Your Guitars, Bass and then everything you think is importanted for the sound you want to achieve – be it a small guitar pedal or whatever. Make sure your guitar/bass guitar are probably setup and intonate correctly. Bring in enough spare guitar strings and make sure your bass has new strings on.
As you can check on the backline section of the Equipment list we have a huge and high quality range of different amps, pedals etc. so all grounds are covered….
Please always bring in your own Cymbals, Snare and Pedals!
If you have a high quality Drumset that sounds brilliant bring it along! If you are unsure your drumset will cut it you can use our great sounding Yamaha Recording Custom Set for a small extra fee (or bring your own fresh Drumskins for the Kit)! It will always have new Drumskins on and will sound great on your record – promised!

Click Track/Guide Tracks

It’s a huge timesaver if you bring along your click tracks in form of a midi file (best way!), a consolitated (read: the file starts at the beginning of the session and ends when the song is finished) wav, aiff or sd2 file or in written form (i.e. Bars 1-24: Meter 4/4 Tempo 120 BPM, Bars 25-51, Meter 6/8 170 BPM et cetera, I guess you get the point…). If you want to bring along guide tracks for your drummer deliever them as either wav, aiff  double check if they are in sync with the click!

Preparing files that’ll be mixed by me

If everything has been recorded in Pro Tools – great, just send me the sessions! If you worked in Cubase you need to export as individual, consolidated wav files (all files starting at 00:00:00 and have the same ending point so I can just drop em into Pro Tools and they are aligned). Make sure Mono files are exported as mono files and stereo files as stereo files. My prefered file format is wav files@24Bit/44,1Khz. One folder for each song with the contained wav files please! Click HERE for  youtube turtorial on how to export those files from your Cubase Project.