Equipment Studio E :

Audient ASP2802 Analog Recording Console
(28 Inputs at Mix, Automated analog console, Pro Tools controller, Superb Pres, Bus Compressor, Monitor controller etc.)
Amek/Tac Scorpion Analog Console 16/8/2 (we use this for its great Eqs)
Pro Tools 12 on Mac with Universal Audio and Audient Conversion
KRK V8 Series 1
Yamaha NS10M
KRK Ergo Room Correction

Peluso 2247 Tube Mic (U47 Style Tube Mic)
M-Audio Sputnik Tube Mic
Sennheiser MD 421 Vintage
Sennheiser MD 441 Vintage (2x)
Oktava MK 012 SD Condenser (Matched Stereo Pair)
Audix D6
Audio Technica 4033a
Rode NT1
T-Bone Tube Mics (2x)
T-Bone Ribbons (2x)
Shure SM 57 (6x)
MBHO MBC 660 (SD Condensers 2x)
Behringer B2 Condenser (3x)
Behringer ECM 8000
Outboard (Pres, EQs, etc..):
image4Audient ASP008 w/ Digital Out (another 8 Pres Of Audient excellence with great AD Converters)
Amek 9098 Pre Amp/EQ
Golden Age Project Pre73 (Neve 1073 Clone)
Toft Audio ATC 2 (Dual Channel Preamp and excellent EQ)
Joemeek VC1Q PreAmp/EQ/Opto Compressor
SPL Track One Complete Channel Strip
SSL Stereo Buss Kompressor (Gyraf Audio)
DBX 160X Mono Compressor
ART Pro VLA (Stereo Tube Optical Compressor)
FMR Audio 1173 RNC  Stereo Compressor
TC Electronic Finalizer Express
Behringer Ultrafex
Di Boxes, CD Player, Tapedecks etc.
Plug Ins:
We have a lot and we love to work with what sounds great to our ears. Softube Console 1, Universal Audio and Massey Plugins are our most used ones.
Guitar /Bass Backline:image11
Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Peavey 5150
Marshall JCM 800 1 channel 50 watt Head with Soldano Hot Mod
Line6 POD XT with Metal Shop Add on
Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver
Laboga 4×12 Cab with Vintage 30 Speakers
Hughes and Kettner 2×12 with Vintage 30 Speakers
2x Marshall Standard JCM800 4×12 Cab loaded with Celestion Speakers
Hartke Tube/Solid State Bass Top
Hartke 1×15 Bass Cab
More Guitar Pedals than it makes sense to list here (Tubescreamers, Distortions, EQs, Utilities….)
Several acoustic and electric guitars/basses on request
Yamaha Recording Custom Drumset (22″/10″/12″/14″/16″)
Paiste, Meinl, Zjildian Cymbals and DW-Doublebass pedal
Sonor Snare
D-Drum Drumtriggers
Kurzweil K-2000 Synthesizer, Sampling – Workstation
88 Key Master Keyboard
Roland Rack Synth
tons Samples (Choirs, orchestral stuff, Mellotron etc)