Another Year ends…

studioe2017…and what a busy one it was! 2016 was filled with a lot of production and mixing work at Studio E HQ! Some of the highlights this year (and I strongly urge you to check these out) where the productions with The Vision Bleak – The Unknown, Bethlehem – Bethlehem, Anomalie – Visions, Ewigheim – Schlaflieder, Pillorian – Obsidian Arc, Deinonychus – Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide. I did alot more working with the cool people of Marche Funebre and  Thakandar with Der Rote Milan and my old fellows of Remember Twillight etc.
To end this year accordingly, we just upgraded our Pro Tools System to the newest version Pro Tools 12 on a new Imac Machine from hell  with Hardware by Universal Audio and Softube – the best of the best in digital audio processing right now. This will surely enhance our production quality even more.
2017 is already pretty well booked so if you plan to work with Studio E. Get in touch better sooner than later via this page or our Facebook page here

Busy Year


It’s been crazy busy since my last post. Summer and autumn saw me working either mixing, producing or mastering for:

Timor Et Tremor
Eïs -official-
Stellar Master Elite
Marche Funèbre
Der Rote Milan

Now it’s time to take the Axe at hand and enter the Studio with The Vision Bleak -official- next week. See you all!

Good times

Lately we’ve been working on new Empyrium Material, Sun Of The Sleepless and norwegian legends Arcturus. Next week we are diving into full Production for the next month with Anomalie from Austria. Their pre-production (which I am listening to as I write) sounds very promising!

What’s going on?

Well, lots. This year’s still young andI had a pretty intense mixing session with Imperious. Double Album, epic stuff, tons of tracks.But we made our way through it and the band and me are really satisfied. Earlier we tracked with Stellar Master Elite, worked on Sun Of The Sleepless, and mixed a real cool album by Rusty Pacemaker – some unique stuff! Next a session with Empyrium and then A Dying Spirit from Austria are knocking (your back-door?) for a complete Album Production.
And don’t forget to check out Helrunar’s-Niederkunfft. Released today. Still madly in love with the album and really proud of the Production.