Ever since Klangschmiede Studio E was established in 1998 our main focus was helping bands creating and shaping albums that are powerful – powerful in sound and in emotional expression. Vibrant and inspired music productions is what we stand for.image9
We love to work with bands and their unique character(s). Their musicality, artistry and their individuality is what we always try to uphold in recordings, mixes or masterings that leave the studio.
I love gear and the technical aspect for sure and with almost 20 years in this job I’d call myself an experienced audio engineer (and a true gearslut), but let’s never forget: We are dealing with emotions here. There are not many emotions in a Pro Tools grid or perfectly auto tuned vocals.
Music is magic, my friends. So let the magic flow…
 Markus Stock
(Engineer, Producer – Klangschmiede Studio E)